• SEED 10 Plus
    SEEDA is celebrating 10 years of doing what we love : Social, Economic and Environment Development

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Recent Events

  • EID Ufa Lhohi United Cup 2015 - 3 on 3 futsal tournament on wich all the youths of Lhohi were involwed and showed the Good Attitudes, Fair Play and Soccer Skills Read More

  • Ranbin United Cup 2014, Magudhoo - A joint ventured sccocer tournament open for both Magudhoo and Lhohi, sponcered by SEED Association. Read More

  • Ranbin Cup 2014 - Six a Side foot ball tournamet for Lhohi youths ( forget our problems and juggle a football... )Read More

  • EID UFA One Day Cup - Soccer for all ages, a festival of fun....Read More

  • Agriculture for youth: empowering youth and organising and implimenting youth based eco agriculture..Read More

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Our Next Event

  • SEED Sports competing in SMSC 2016

    It is a great pleasure for SEED Association to represent Lhohi Yooths in the "Siyam Mauroof Soccer Cup 2016"(SMSC). We hope that with the help and well wishes from all the NGOs and citizens of N.Lhohi  "SEED Sports"(Lhohi Youths Football Team) could succeed in this tournament. We extend a special thanks to Lhohi Council and Lhohee Peace Club for their trust in us in this endeavor to succeed in SMSC 2016. read more .....

SEED Association in its last fruitful 10 years has been serving this nation for providing this nation with socially and economically sound citizen, especially a motivated, educated, skilled youth populace in the atolls. In this regard we have achieved some goals but still has a lot to do...and we will all go ahead.

Mohamed Shaaheen - SEEDA Founder Menber